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Training & Development

The administrators of K.I.M. are currently in the developmental stages of establishing a transitional program for previously-incarcerated women of all ages. To establish and operate this program, our organization is seeking the funding required to obtain a housing facility that will include bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living areas, and instructional space for training sessions.

Every applicant will be required to meet with representatives of our organization to complete an evaluation process prior to admittance into the program. This evaluation will provide potential residents with the opportunity to discuss their current housing situation and allow our staff members to determine if the organization is a proper match for their future developmental needs and goals.

K.I.M. has established relationships with detention centers, pre-release programs, probation officers, and counselors in order to receive referrals for potential housing candidates. Upon meeting with potential housing candidates for our program, the staff members of K.I.M. will evaluate each candidate on three key elements needed for successful completion of the program. The three key elements that will lead to successful completion include: motivation, attitude, and a willingness to meet program expectations.

Your Success Is Our Goal

Upon completion of the enrollment process, selected residents will participate in our six-month program currently titled Project A. This is a three-phase program designed to address the unique needs of each woman as they reintegrate into society.


Phase 1: All residents will attend Life Skills 101 mentoring sessions where our representatives will meet with each woman in a one-on-one setting. During this meeting, each woman will establish her short and long-term goals, as well as create an action plan to achieve those goals.

Phase 2: All residents will be instructed on the scholastic and career skills that will assist in preventing future recidivism. Each participant will also be instructed on a variety of life and career skills that will include creating a professional resume, basic computer skills, job interview preparation and techniques, post-interview follow-up, and dressing for success. We firmly believe that these courses will allow our residents to reach their vocational goals in a positive and stimulating environment.


Phase 3: All residents will gain an understanding of how proper budgeting techniques will make a big difference in their financial success. Residents will meet with professional financial planners where they will learn how to develop and take control of their financial futures for themselves and their families. The subjects that will be discussed include: establishing good credit, managing checking and savings accounts, and developing a solid financial plan.


Upon successful completion of the program, our graduates are encouraged to give back to the community by mentoring a youth that has spent time in the juvenile justice system. Our graduates will be uniquely qualified to relate to these young adults in a compassionate way and may be instrumental in guiding them into a life of self-sufficiency and productivity. Project A will acknowledge the hard work that our women have accomplished by offering a small graduation ceremony that will allow them to share their success with family and friends.